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Nuptropin 120IU is a brand-new human growth hormone brand emerged in the market 2015 as it not only causes muscular hypertrophy (enlargement of muscle cells) but also muscular hyperplasia (increase of the number of muscle cells) while anabolic steroids only cause muscular hypertrophy.

Nuptropin Somatropin HGH , 120 IU per kit

12IUx 10 vials , rHGH

Brand: Nuptropin (Orange Top)

Specification: 12IU/vial,10vials/kit,120iu/kit

Nuptropin has codes to verify online at

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Nuptropin is a brand-new human growth hormone brand emerged in the market 2015. It has a similar name as nutropin, people some times are confused by them. Although as a new brand, nuptropin has got very good reputation and reviews among customers, lots of customer are doing serum test for it.

Nuptropin [rDNA origin] is a way to supply natural growth human growth hormone for people who may deficient or may require higher levels of this hormone.

Original Nuptropin has only one specification, that is 12IU/Vial, 10Vials/Kit, 120IU/kit. It has anti-fake codes to check on its official site. For people want powerful hgh, nuptropin 12 vials is a good choice, you can use 6IU per day and 6IU the next day.

The standard dosing pattern at the beginning of the HGH program is as follows:

– 4IU per day (2IU in the morning and 2IU in late afternoon) for bodybuilding purposes
– 2IU per day for anti aging purposes
– 8IU per day to treat severe burns, cuts, bone damage (short period of time)

Doctor and blood tests determine the dose for any other purpose

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