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ANADROL : What is Anadrol?
Anadrol or Oxymetholone is an oral steroid that’s derived from Dihydrotestosterone. It was approved in 1961 for therapeutic applications. It is a 17aa oral steroid and can be mildly liver toxic.
Along with increasing bone density in patients with osteoporosis, it was and is still used for treating anemia and other conditions that can cause dramatic weight loss.
The main appeal of the drug stems from the rapid increases in strength and bulk that it can cause.

HOW TO USE ANADROL AND RESULTS YOU CAN EXPECT: Like Dianabol, Anadrol is mostly used along with other injectable steroids as part of a stack, mainly as a kick starter or towards the end of the cycle to give it a boost.
However, it can give you good results even when used as a base steroid.
For now, here are some of the results that you can get with an Anadrol cycle.
-Pumps ; Anadrol is a steroid that will make you feel like you are on performance enhancing drugs. No slow-absorbing crap here. From day three onwards, you and everybody around you will notice the fuller and harder muscles. The veins will be unmissable too. Get ready for the best pumps of your life and enjoy the ride.
-Strength; strength gains alone are enough reason for anybody to use Anadrol. There’s a downside to it though. As the lifts become easier and easier, you will be tempted to add more weight than what your tendons and joints can manage. We recommend that you follow the progressive overload protocol, but do it slowly. Don’t rush into things.
-Bulk; With a calorie surplus diet, you will gain up to 20 lbs. while you are using Anadrol. But just like D’bol, the gains are mostly water and fat which you will lose when you come off cycle. If you eat clean and keep your E2 levels in check, you can gain up to 6 lbs. of keepable lean muscle mass in 6-weeks with Anadrol.
-Energy; Part of the ‘being on steroids’ feeling includes a rush when you are lifting. If you channel it correctly, you can lift at your best while you are Anadrol.

Start off with 50mg/day of Anadrol for 6-weeks
If you are one of the rare guys who does not experience sides with Anadrol, then you can up that dose further until you hit your threshold.
Do not go over 100mg/day as it amplifies the risk of side effects greatly. Moreover, the results start to taper once you reach that high a dose.


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